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Australia: The Time Traveller's Guide

  • Australia: The Time Traveller's Guide is the landmark ABC-TV series currently in early production that will be showcasing the deep, rich geological history of the Australian continent. In three glorious High Definition hours of prime-time television, it will take viewers on the ultimate Australian road trip, explaining how the continent came to be the way it is, the true story of why its mountains, minerals and deserts are where they are, and the incredible tales behind the plants and animals we share the landscape with.We will discover that the story of Australia is the story of endless change: changing shape, life, climate, and location. Seas that come and go, mountains that rise and fall, and whole kingdoms of life that triumph then disappear.
  • 4 x 60' Natural History Series
    Premiered 25 Mar 2012 on ABC1

    Director/Writer/Producer Richard Smith
    Editors Lile Judickas & Karen Steininger
    Executive Producer Chris Hilton

    Produced for Essential Media and Entertainment