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Seduction In The City

  • How Shopping Was Invented

    The 19th century department store, with its magnificent iron staircases, multiple floors of goods and shimmering displays of ready-made clothes heralded a worldwide retail revolution. Relentlessly turning wants into needs, the idea of shopping for fun was not merely a novel activity, but also miraculously, sold product in unprecedented volumes. Suddenly, it made sense. Never before in history had merchandise come together under one roof in such a potent formula. This was new commerce, and the dawn of a new religion – capitalism.

    Seduction in the City is the fascinating story of how the department store is THE greatest invention to come out of the industrial revolution. Conceived as both a feature-length one-off for Arte and a 2-part series for PBS and SBS Australia, this is the story of how the department store literally crucified old world order and in its wake heralded a new modern age.
  • 2 x 60' Documentary
    Premiered 2011 on SBS

    Director Sally Aitken
    Producer Sonja Armstrong
    Line Producer Aline Jacques
    Production Coordinators Kirsty Archer & Nerida Groth

    An Essential Media & Entertainment / Telfrance co-production For SBS, Arte France, WNET New York, Screen Australia and Screen NSW